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Casa Retablo:La palabra retablo proviene de el oficio artesanal Ayacuchano que consiste en una cajita colorida en forma de casa, con dos puertas y cada vez que se abre cuenta una historia. Hace varios años, nuestra casa era como un lienzo en blanco, la gente la diversidad puso el color y las historias a nuestra casa. Casa Retablo crecio con cada persona, experiencia inolvidable. Sin querer y con mucha suerte hemos creado una pequeña comunidad internacional que perdura con el tiempo. Nuestra casa siempre estara abierta para ofrecer un ambiente amable, respetuoso, divertido y significativo para que la gente en Lima se sienta en su propia casa.

Our Guesthouse:

Casa Retablo is a traditional house of Lima dating from the 1940`s. We are located in a sweet green corner in Magdalena Del Mar and limit of San Isidro, near the Pacific Ocean. Our house has a great location, many other districts can be reached easily by different means. Public transportation is close by, supermarkets, farmers market(Sunday) Yoga school (one block) Cultural centers, Mercado of Magdalena del Mar, Lima cricket (Swimming, Squash and Tennis Classes) and a nice and tranquil ocean view “La Pera” and if you would like you will be kindly advised on where to go or what you can do in Lima (or Peru)

We aim to have respectful-fun community that shares values of diversity and solidarity, creating a gentle space for people that would like to achieve personal projects and feel Lima as a second home.

House Details:

“Casa Retablo” has three comfortable rooms  and two Studios attached to it. The kitchen, the dining room, a small living room and the terrace are shared spaces. The kitchen is fully equipped and guests have their own storage spaces. We provideWi-Fi internet service, utilities. Cleaning service (Once per month)(Room 1, Room 2 and Studio 1) Towels and linen are provided. There is also a small library with books in English and Spanish. Everything works in order to make you feel at home!
Room 1can accommodate one person,  Room 2 can accomodate 1 people and  Room 3 can accomodate 1 person,  the Studio 1 can accommodate 1 person and the Studio 2 can accomodate 1 person. The minimum desirable stay is two weeks, although if you need to stay for a shorter period that is also possible.
Our rates are: (1) Room 1 is US$ 350 a month, or US$ 240 for two weeks; (2) Room 2 is US$ 370 a month, or US$ 260 for two weeks; (3) Room 3 is 360 a month or 260 for two weeks,(4) the Studio is 1 US$ 460 dollars a month, or US$ 360 for two weeks.(5)The Studio 2 is US $ 470 dollars per month, or US$ 370 for two weeks.

Please feel free to write and ask any questions you might have.

Contact us:

 +51 1 986 961 979



We would prefer people who plan to stay for some months. However, depending on availability rental periods can also be agreed on a weekly base.  Rental per month starts at the 1st day of the month. Rentals below one month are calculated per week.

Policy on Reservations: Reservations are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled after booking.


 Wifi (Fast)



 Shower (Hot)


 Coat Hangers



We can arrange your pick up from / to the airport, just contact us in order to coordinate hour and date!


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